What to Craft: Safe Picks by Rarity

Hi guys! Pdmd here, back to Between The Lanes with the topic that people seem to have liked a lot in my free-to-play article, that of crafting cards. As a result, here is a full version of “What to Craft?”

This time, we’re not going the free-to-play way; instead, I will just be going over really good cards that can fit into almost any deck. This article will be going over everything from Legendaries to Epics along with some Rares, and we’ll discuss why I feel you should be aiming to craft them. Accompanying each card in parentheses will be the classes the card is typically played in currently.

What to Craft


Merric at-Aswala: This card makes even your tiny little Nord Firebrands a nightmare for you opponents it allows for crazy burst potential or even trading if you need. (Battlemage)

Supreme Atromancer: Just a crazy finisher for you in the late game with crazy burst potential with Firebrands. (Sorcerer/Mage/Assassin/Battlemage)

Blood Dragon: The only card that can attack creatures in every lane. It’s a big creature that allows you to take control of the board and his stats at 5/7 make him really powerful to push damage too. (Archer/Battlemage/Crusader)

Reive Blademaster: After his buff to a 3/5 instead of 2/5, this card now is not an easy target for cheap removal like Execute and just that makes it so much better,. Reive can push crazy damage if he manages to stick for two or three turns and i think this card is a staple in all agressive red deck and one of the best 4 drops in red. (Crusader/Battlemage/Archer)

Relentless Raider: This card is an auto include in every Aggro red deck. The amount of burst potential you can get from her ability in an Aggro deck through those extra points of damage can be extreme. (Archer/Crusader/Battlemage)

Daggerfall Mage: Once again, a card that is crazy because of her ability. Ward allows you to daggerfallmagetrade efficiently, and the Tome of Alterations that you get once she loses ward make you out-value your opponent in cards, board presence, etc. (Battlemage/Assassin/Sorcerer/Mage)

Miraak, Dragonborn: Miraak is a staple for control decks. His effect is just too good – being able to steal your opponent threats and get ahead on board is too much value to pass in the late game. (Mage/Spellsword/Monk)

Dawn`s Wrath: Another staple in control decks, this card wipes out your opponents lane, giving you time to regain control of the board. (Mage/Spellsword/Monk)

Tazkad the Packmaster: The best late game finisher for green decks having six attack, charge, and breakthrough which allows you to press damage even through guards (Archer/Scout/Monk)

Bone Colossus: Mostly found in Midrange decks, Bone Colossus is just too hard to deal with. The ability to regain the board with the tokens he spawns or simply hitting face to kill your opponent make this card one of the best midrange finishers in the game. (Sorcerer /Spellsword)

Nahagliiv: One of the best ways to “close” a lane. It’s hard to deal since it can’t be targeted with actions and almost all hard removal is in the form of actions. This card lets you stay alive until you’re able to play your powerful late game creatures and fits all control decks and even some midrange that play purple.(Spellsword/Scout/Sorcerer/Warrior)

Blood Magic Lord: This card is the one that makes you win games in late game control decks that play purple. His effect is very versatile and do anything from give you extra value in the control mirror matches or help you push lethal or stall the board if need be. (Spellsword/Scout)

Ayrenn: Ayrenn is one of the best 5 drops to play in mage. Her ability to get one spell from your discard pile and reduce the cost of actions allows you to deal with creatures easily. (Mage)

High King Emeric: If Emeric was just a 6 magicka 5/5 with ward it already would be a good card but his ability to deal 2 damage for each friendly creature with ward makes him too strong and versatile since you can either push damage or deal with enemy creatures. (Sorcerer)

Odahviing_(Legends)Ahnassi: Her ability to steal enemy creatures’ keywords makes Ahnassi a really strong card. Stealing Charge can let you push damage and keywords like Drain and Guard can allow you to play more defensively while taking away the opponent’s options. (Monk)

Red Bramman: Silence effects are one of the stronger effects in card games and Red Bramman is able to silence and completely shut down a lane for you with shackle. The tempo that you gain to regain control and the value from silence make this card incredibly strong. (Scout)

Odahviing: Odahviing will save you in almost any situation where it is the late game and the opponent has a full board. The ability to deal 4 damage across your opponent game can allow for instant board clears – this card is the ultimate board clear for control decks. (Mage/Scout/Spellsword)


Belligerent Giant: This card allows you to either remove oponente support cards or regain control by bouncing creatures back, which is a crazy tempo gain. (Battlemage/Archer/Crusader/Warrior)

Earthbone Spinner: Like I mentioned before, silence effects are one of the strongest effects in card games and Earthbone Spinner is one of the amazing cards with that effect while also pinging the creature for one damage. This can even enable you to combo it with removal like Finish Off and Leaflurker.  (Battlemage/Archer/Crusader/Warrior).

Markarth Bannerman: Her ability to generate extra cards/tokens gives you the ability to activate powerful combos like Merric and Atromancer. If this card attacks more than 2 times you are probably winning just because of the crazy value you get either using the tokens for free removal or the combos. (Battlemage/Crusader/Archer/Warrior)

Ice Storm: One of the best board clears in the game, Ice Storm is a staple in Control Mage decks and slower Midrange decks that play blue. (Assassin/Sorcerer/Battlemage/Mage)

Mantikora: One of the best creature-based removal that can target every creatures unlike cards like Javelin or Edict that can’t target creatures like Nahagliiv or Iron Atronach. A 3-of in every control deck playing yellow. (Mage/Spellsword/Monk/Crusader)

Leaflurker: Like Mantikora it’s one of the best creature-based removal options but with a condition that wants the enemy creature damaged. This card is usually a must-include in slower midrange decks or ramp decks like Scout. (Archer/Monk/Scout)

Preserver of the Root: Used in every ramp deck and slower midrange decks, Preserver is a good card to play because of his stats and effect. A 4/4 for 4 magica is already decent and  whenpreserver_of_the_root you reach 7 magicka Preserver gains +2/+2 and Guard, turning him in one of the best 4 drops in the game and a crucial card for slower purple decks. (Spellsword/Scout/Sorcerer)

Shadowfen Priest: Once again a card with the silence effect this one being the best silence card in the game since it can destroy supports or silence creatures. A very good body with a versatile effect makes this card a near staple in decks using purple. (Scout/Warrior/Sorcerer/Spellsword)

Rift Thane: Used mostly as an aggro card, Rift Thane is very flexible since if you are losing the face race he gains guard saving you from those extra hit points. If you are ahead he is just an amazing two-drop that forces an answer. Because of his ability, he also sees play in slower Crusader decks. (Crusader)

Thorn Histmage: This card is mostly used in Ramp decks but is so strong that you can include three in every Scout list. His stats plus his ability to ramp your magicka for one when summon allows you to fix your curve and jump to your big creatures while being protected with guard. (Scout)


Shrieking Harpy: Amazing defensive (and sometimes offensive) tool for blue decks. (Sorcerer/Assassin/Battlemage/Mage)

Young Mammoth: The best body for the 3-drop slot in the game. (Sorcerer/Spellsword/Warrior/Scout)

Triumphant Jarl: One of the best card draw in the game – helps aggro decks refill their hands or gives the slower midrange style decks a good way to find removal or extra damage. (Archer/Crusader/Warrior)

Cliff Racer: One of the best offensive cards for pushing damage or trading, nearly a staple in aggressive green decks. (Monk/Archer/Assassin/Scout)

hivedefender_alt.pngHive Defender: One of the better cards in this game, a four magicka 3/6 with guard that helps you by protecting your creatures in Aggro decks and is also used as a tool to counter Aggro by most Control decks using Willpower. (Crusader/Mage/Spellsword/Monk)

Orc Clan Captain: This card is great to put out those extra points of damage. Can generate crazy combos with tokens and cards like Raiding Party and is also a must in Orc based decks. (Crusader/Warrior/Archer)

Wardcrafter: One of the strongest two drops in blue and in the game, it makes your trades easier, it’s hard to kill, and it can open value plays for you to put you ahead of your opponent. (Battlemage/Mage/Sorcerer/Assassin)

Haunting Spirit: Once again, the purple cards and their crazy stats or effects are here Spirit is one of the best three-drops in the game and can make your board difficult to deal with, forcing opponents to use silence effects or removal they might need later. (Sorcerer/Warrior/Scout/Spellsword)

Okay everyone, these are all the cards I think you should aim to get for starters. Hopefully this gave you a better understanding of how good these cards are and why you should look to get your hands on them!

Thank you all for reading and until the next article.

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