• Introduction Welcome to the first part of Warlock Analytics, an in-depth analysis of The Elder Scrolls: Legends and its community! My name is Charles, or as some of you might already know me, ArkhamWarlock. Today, I will be illustrating key findings from the TES:L Community Survey that was [...]
  • An Intro to Strategy for Beginners

    August 9, 2017 // 0 Comments

    Hi! I’m Mccall123123! I have noticed that a lot of players have trouble adapting to this game’s strategy because there are some unique mechanics. This guide is meant for newer players or players just struggling to win. If you are totally new you should read this beginner’s guide [...]
  • Hi guys Pdmd28 back again on Between the Lanes, this time with my personal “Dusting” or Soul Traping Guide. In this article I will give you all my opinions, as a free-to-play player that tried to make the most out of his cards and soul gems, on cards that are safe to soul trap. This article is [...]
  • Welcome to The Elder Scrolls: Legends! My name is rubberducky182 and I have been playing this game since closed beta. I already helped a lot of new players on Reddit and on Twitch streams in the past, so I decided to bundle all the answers to the most common questions in one single guide. This [...]
  • Hello, I am ItsTenz. I’m a long time competitive ccg and tcg player and I fell in love with The Elder Scrolls: Legends as soon as I picked it up. I want to see the game I have come to enjoy so much do well and figured that providing people with more information might help make the game easier to [...]
  • Welcome to the 10th edition of the BTL metagame snapshot for The Elder Scrolls: Legends! With the Heroes of Skyrim expansion, we have seen some of the biggest changes to established decks in the snapshot’s history. Whether you’re new to Legends or an experienced player trying to get an [...]

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