Hidden Treasures: Orb of Value-mina

cvhFewer things are more exciting for a CCG player than discovering that a card which was widely perceived to be bad has actual potential. However, there are some cards that seem so irredeemably bad that they practically become memes. In this article, we’ll analyze one of one of those cards: Orb of Vaermina. (more…)

Between The Lanes Meta Snapshot #3 (November 2016)

Another season is almost in the books as November draws to a close. With the end of the month comes the third edition of the BTL Meta Snapshot! In this edition,  CVH, BradfordLee, Romanesque, and EarthP0w3R break down the most powerful and popular decks of the current meta into four tiers – read on to see where your favorites made it.

Confessions of a Blackjack Dealer with Harrison5371



As a dealer at a casino, I deal a couple thousand hands of blackjack every week. This does not make me a good blackjack player. A good blackjack player plays hundreds of hands of blackjack a week; I observe several common pitfalls that the “average” or “bad” blackjack player makes. This article is designed with that in mind. It’s not chalked up with a magic pill for becoming a top 20 legend player; however, it’s meant to be seen as a guide to avoid newbie pitfalls. (more…)

CVH’s Guide to Mastering Arena: The Draft

cvhHello everybody, and welcome to my first strategy article dedicated entirely to Arena! Since developing the BTL Arena Tier List months ago, it’s no secret that this site has been focusing on constructed TES: Legends. However, many people have asked me for more insight into Arena and, after continuing to update the tier list and accruing over thirty aced Versus Arenas, I decided now would be a good time to offer some more in-depth tips since I feel as though I’ve developed a solid grasp on the format. In this article, we’ll be diving into the draft portion of Versus Arena!


Deck Feature: Ramp Scout with BadW0lfGaming

rickyHey everybody, BadW0lfGaming here bringing you another deck feature! Today I’m going to talk about a popular deck that I used to do the bulk of my climbing to legend this season: Scout Ramp. We’ll be going over some card choices as well as the directions this deck could go after the upcoming card changes. Let’s take a look at the list. (more…)

Top 20 Legend Cycle Archer Guide with pautz

Hi. I am pautz, a German TES: Legends player and sometimes also streamer. I began playing TES: Legends in the last days of closed beta, but for several reasons the October season was the first one that I was able to play seriously. Today, I want to present you the deck I was playing in this very season from around rank six all the way to top twenty Legend with an insane win rate of about 75 % when entering the top 100. It is a deck from the class that is widely believed to be the strongest: Archer. I do also believe that this is the case and I will come to an explanation later on, but first I want to go through the deck list and explain some tech choices.