Tenz’s Complete Solo Arena Guide

Hello, I am ItsTenz. I’m a long time competitive ccg and tcg player and I fell in love with The Elder Scrolls: Legends as soon as I picked it up. I want to see the game I have come to enjoy so much do well and figured that providing people with more information might help make the game easier to get into. I hope that you find my strategy guides helpful!



Between The Lanes Meta Snapshot #5 – Pre-Patch 1.61

As we near the end of the January 2017 ladder season, it’s about time for another Between The Lanes Meta Snapshot. Unlike a few of our previous snapshots, this one is coming directly before a fairly substantial set of nerfs (as well as buffs) to certain cards such as Dark Rift, Gladiator Arena, and Black Worm Necromancer. With that said, this snapshot is more of an update to the previous snapshot, although there was another patch of nerfs between the two Notable cards that were changed since the last snapshot include Slaughterfish Spawning and Pillaging Tribune – read on to see how those changes affected various decks’ place in the meta as we get ready to explore a whole new meta in a couple days! We look forward to bringing you February’s snapshot to reflect it once the meta settles down a bit.


CVH’s Stats to Legend: January 2017

There’s always that misconception that only two or three decks can win in a given metagame. Try as I might to write that that simply is not the case in the introduction to BTL’s Meta Snapshots, that concern is echoed by many in relation to the perceived tier one decks by myself and the rest of the snapshot team. To help assuage some of those fears, and because I know many people are interested in stats, I’ve decided to post mine from my grind to Legend in the first four days of this month and go over some of what they might mean. In addition, it’s worth noting that while I didn’t go into the grind planning to do this on purpose, I used none of the tier one decks from the Snapshot – so no Sorcerer, no Scout, and no Aggro or Merric Battlemage.


Between The Lanes Meta Snapshot #4

It’s the beginning of the January season, and with the holiday season behind us, it’s time for the fourth edition of the Between The Lanes Meta Snapshot! Join this month’s snapshot team of CVH, BradfordLee, CoreyMilhouse, and EarthP0w3R as they break down their opinion of the meta to see where your favorite decks stack up to the field.


Hidden Treasures: Orb of Value-mina

cvhFewer things are more exciting for a CCG player than discovering that a card which was widely perceived to be bad has actual potential. However, there are some cards that seem so irredeemably bad that they practically become memes. In this article, we’ll analyze one of one of those cards: Orb of Vaermina. (more…)

Between The Lanes Meta Snapshot #3 (November 2016)

Another season is almost in the books as November draws to a close. With the end of the month comes the third edition of the BTL Meta Snapshot! In this edition,  CVH, BradfordLee, Romanesque, and EarthP0w3R break down the most powerful and popular decks of the current meta into four tiers – read on to see where your favorites made it.