Pdmd’s Soul Trapping Guide – Updated Post-Skyrim

Hi guys Pdmd28 back again on Between the Lanes, this time with my personal “Dusting” or Soul Traping Guide. In this article I will give you all my opinions, as a free-to-play player that tried to make the most out of his cards and soul gems, on cards that are safe to soul trap.

This article is just to help you know cards that are okay to dust; I don’t advise aggressively soul trapping all your cards to make one or two legendaries.

I will classify cards in two different types:

  1. Cards that are unplayable in top-tier or mid-tier decks witch means that they are not good enough to even consider playing,
  2. Cards that are okay to use as replacement for cards in top-tier decks or even good enough to be played in mid-tier decks. These cards are cards that can be seen in budget decks or as replacement for cards that you are missing for middle or top tier decks.

Core Set

strengthStrength (Red)

(1) Improvised Weapon; Intimidate; Morthal Watchman; Scuttler; Jerall Forager; Assassin’s Bow; Bog Lurcher; Fireball; Heavy Battleaxe; Trebuchet; Whiterun Trooper; Dread Clannfear; Dremora Markynaz

(2) Covenant Marauder; Bone Bow; Rihad Horseman; Silvenar Tracker; Rihad Battlemage; Stone Throw; Orcish Warhammer; Valenwood Huntsman; Alik’r Survivalist; Rampaging Minotaur; Skirmisher’s Elixir; Fortress Watchman; Whirling Duelist; Plunder; Volendrung

Intelligence (Blue)

(1) Niben Bay Cutthroat; Moment of Clarity; Redoran Enforcer; Wisdom of Ancients; Craglorn Scavenger; Farsight Nereid; Ice Wraith; Dragonstar Rider; Elixir of Deflection; Glenumbra Sorceress; Staff of Sparks; Studium Headmaster; Summerset Orrery; Mages Guild Retreat

(2) Crystal Tower Crafter; Dark Rift; Keeper of Whispers; Dres Tormentor; Mentor’s Ring; Winter’s Grasp; Heirloom Greatsword; Indoril Archmage; Divayth Fyr

Willpower (Yellow)

(1) Calm; Septim Guardsman; Blackmail; Cheydinhal Sapper; Sunhold Medic; Cathay-raht Veteran; Elixir of the Defender; Legion Shield; Skingrad Patroller; Snow Wolf; Summerset Shieldmage; Imperial Legionnaire; Riverhold Escort; Two-Moons Contemplation; Alpha Wolf; Imperial Might; Imperial Siege Engine; Tusked Bristleback; Legion Praefect; Renowned Legate; Auroran Sentry

(2) Helgen Squad Leader; Arrow Storm; Rajhini Highwayman; Auridon Paladin; Hive Warrior; War Cry; Hero of Anvil; Spiteful Dremora; Immolating Blast;

Agility (Green)

(1) Mournhold Guardian; Arrow in the Knee; Voracious Spriggan; Elixir of Light Feet; Helstrom Footpad; Leafwater Blessing; Arenthia Swindler; Baandari Bruiser; Greenheart Knight; An-Xileel Invader; Torval Crook; Camoran Scout Leader; Elder Centaur; Green-Touched Spriggan; Highland Lurcher

(2) Leafwater Blessing; Feasting Vulture; Green Pact Stalker; Hidden Trail; Tenmar Swiftclaw; Wild Beastcaller; Spider Lair; Spider Daedra; Nest of Vipers

Endurance (Purple)

(1) Healing Hands; Suppress; Elixir of Vigor; Daedric Dagger; Wrothgar Kingpin; Blackrose Herbalist; Bruma Armorer; Frostbite Spider; Hackwing Feather; Imperial Armor; Black Marsh Warden; Imprisoned Deathlord; Lion Guard Strategist; Northpoint Captain; Stampeding Mammoth; Watch Commander; Night Predator; Lowland Troll; Iron Atronach

(2) Siege Catapult; Yew Shield; Chieftain’s Banner; Mummify; Necromancer’s Amulet; Plea to Kynareth; Angry Grahl; Archein Venomtongue; Grim Champion


(1) Falinesti Reaver

(2) Skywatch Vindicator; Sadras Agent; Master of Thieves


(1) Dwarven Spider; Maple Shield; Enraged Mudcrab; Reachman Shaman; Spider Worker; Elixir of Conflict; Ravenous Crocodile; Forsworn Guide; Ageless Automaton; Dreugh Shell Armor; Ferocious Dreugh; Sparking Spider; Portcullis; Stronghold Incubator; Dwarven Armaments; Halls of the Dwemer; Dwarven Ballista

(2) Dwarven Sphere; Barded Guar; Frenzied Witchman; Slaughterfish Spawning; Vicious Dreugh; Dwarven Centurion


Heroes of Skyrim

strengthStrength (Red)

(1) Stormcloak Camp; Skyforge; Berserker of the Pale; Unrelenting Force; Inspiring Stormcloak; Stormcloak Avenger; Stoutheart Giant; Duel Atop the World; Battlefield Scrounger; World-Eater’s Eyrie; Ancestor’s Battleaxe

(2) Stronghold Patrol; Candlehearth Brawler; Hit and Run; Ulfric Stormcloak; Skyborn Dragon; Wildfire Dragon; Swiftwing Dragon

Intelligence (Blue)

(1) Studious Greybeard; Embassy Guard; Fire Breath; Ghost Sea Lookout; Revealing the Unseen; Thalmor Embassy; Vigilant of Stendarr; Dragon’s Fury; Mistveil Enchanter; Court Wizard; Insightful Scholar; Dragon Priest Mask; Icewing Dragon; Echo of Akatosh

(2) J’Zargo; Riften Pickpocket; College of Winterhold; Conjuration Scholar; Bringer of Nightmares

Willpower (Yellow)

(1) Cliffside Lookout; Thalmor Justiciar; Devour; Imperial Camp; Revered Guardian; Karthspire Scourge; Snowhawk Detachment; Wolf Cage; Arrest; A Land Divided; Jarl Balgruuf; Praetorian Commander

(2) Elixir of Vitality; Solitude Stalwart; Legate Rikke; Cauldron Keeper; Winterhold Illusionist;

Agility (Green)

(1) Paralyze; Palace Prowler; Barter; Lockpick; Eldergleam Matron; Shadowscale Partisan; Chaurus; Dovah of the Voice; Shadowgreen Elder

(2) Move in Shadows; Deepwood Trapper; Sightless Skulk; Ring of Namira; Nightprowler

Endurance (Purple)

(1) Encumbered Explorer; Steelheart Vanquisher; East Empire Crafter; Grim Shield-Brother; Mentor of the Watch; Dragonplate Armor; Emperor Titus Mede II; Frost Troll; High Hrothgar; Restoration Tutor; Lay Down Arms; Cave Bear; Stonehill Mammoth; Ironscale Dragon; Frost Giant; Waves of the Fallen

(2) Dragon Cult Ghost; Ancient Lookout; Innkeeper Delphine; Whiterun Protector


(1) Assassin’s Ritual; Battlemage’s Onslaught; Monk’s Strike

(2) Spellsword’s Summoning; Mage’s Trick; Warrior’s Fury


(1) Blackreach Rebuilder; Word Wall; Raging Horker; Horned Helm; Young Dragonborn;
Glass Helm of Remedy; Dwarven Dynamo; Prized Chicken; Dragon Mound

(2) Journey to Sovngarde; Barbas; Greybeard Mentor

That’s all from me! Hopefully I helped you in understanding which cards you can dust. Once again, I don’t advise you to hard dust cards for the sake of making one deck; take it slow and do some arenas, but if you are in need of a bit of dust for that sweet Emeric or Ayrenn you can use this as a guide to help you get those last gems.

About pdmd28 (6 Articles)
Hi guys im Pdmd Elder Scrolls Legends player got legend many times hope my articles in betweenthelanes help you understand the game better.

2 Comments on Pdmd’s Soul Trapping Guide – Updated Post-Skyrim

  1. Orb of Vaermina is worth holding on to?


  2. I personally wont recommend to soultrap any cards now, cuz meta is swift changing and any card could be playable. Only if you need souls desperately for some usefull card in ur deck. Also drops! 😀


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