[Video] Deck Tech – Midrange Mimic Scout

In today’s video, CVH goes over his version of the Midrange Mimic Scout deck along with the general gameplay elements of the deck. Illusory Mimic’s introduction into the metagame with the Madhouse Collection many weeks back gave birth to the Midrange Mimic Scout deck. In recent weeks, this deck has been regaining some popularity and saw a tier two position on the February BTL Meta Snapshot.

Despite Soulrest Marhsal and Black Worm Necromancer seeing nerfs, this deck has no shortage of threats and can capitalize on a strong early curve by following up with the likes of Illusory Mimics packed with keywords and cards like Bone Colossus. Check out the video for a more in-depth look!

About CVH (54 Articles)
CVH is an avid player and streamer of TES: Legends and the owner of Between The Lanes. With competitive experience in many card games since the age of 11, most notably Kaijudo and Hearthstone, card games and creating content for them are longtime passions. In TESL, he has fourteen top 100 legend finishes and can be found regularly on Twitch and YouTube.

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