[Video] Budget-ify #1: Aggro Battlemage

In the Budget-ify series, I’ll be taking decks that are popular on the ladder and usually quite expensive in their optimized forms, and reducing their cost significantly while trying to retain the core strategy and most of the deck’s functionality. In order to accomplish this, we’ll be taking out every single card more expsnsive than a Rare! This is done in the hopes to make these decks a bit more accessible to new players.

In addition, learning how to replace cards can be a valuable tool for everyone, whether you need to replace something else in the future or decide how to tech your decks appropriately to deal with a specific threat. In the video below, we begin this series with Aggro Battlemage!

About CVH (54 Articles)
CVH is an avid player and streamer of TES: Legends and the owner of Between The Lanes. With competitive experience in many card games since the age of 11, most notably Kaijudo and Hearthstone, card games and creating content for them are longtime passions. In TESL, he has fourteen top 100 legend finishes and can be found regularly on Twitch and YouTube.

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