[Video] Deck Tech: CVH’s Top 5 Orc Warrior

In this video, CVH goes over the Orc Warrior deck he used to hit top five Legend near the end of the March season. The deck went 16-2 on the climb against a variety of high-tier decks. Watch on to get a feel for how the deck works and see why specific card choices were included.

The introduction of Garnag, Dark Adherent in the Dark Brotherhood, along with potential cards we haven’t seen yet, look to only add to this deck’s power level.

About CVH (51 Articles)
CVH is an avid player and streamer of TES: Legends and the owner of Between The Lanes. With previous competitive experience in Yu-Gi-Oh, Duel Masters, Kaijudo, and Hearthstone, gaming and content creation are longtime passions.

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