Deck Feature: Prophecy Assassin with BadW0lfGaming

rickyHey everybody, BadW0lfGaming here bringing you another deck feature! Today we're going to take a look at a revamp of an older archetype that had somewhat fallen out of favor until recently: Prophecy Assassin.

I managed to peak at Legend #14 near the end of the October season with this deck with a record of 28-4, partly because the deck was well positioned when I built it to climb but also because I believe the deck is still strong overall. Let’s take a look at the list.


BadW0lfGaming’s Prophecy Assassin

This archetype was originally made popular by fellow BTL contributor CoreyMilhouse and it performed very well in its first inception. Since then, however, it’s fallen out in favor of the popular Action Assassin. One of the main things I decided I wanted to do was shore up some of the bad matchups for the deck. Previously, the deck performed very poorly against any deck that didn’t break runes early (or at all for that matter) like Control Mage or Ramp Scout. Removing cards like Ransack and Camlorn Sentinel that are generally bad if drawn and adding cards like Sadras Agent, Royal Sage, Soulrest Marshal, and Supreme Atromancer give this deck a much better game against slower decks so you’re not dead in Soulrest-Marshalthe water if your opponent just never attacks and tries to run you out of resources.

For those of you who haven’t played the deck before, it’s essentially an aggressive Assassin deck that is good against other aggressive decks. Playing such a high number of Prophecies makes it incredibly difficult to race this deck, as a big push could mean your opponent has lethal in play when they get their turn back.

This version includes two of the “life matters” cards in Soulrest Marshal and Royal Sage, so staying ahead on life early is a priority in a lot of games. I don’t need to tell you why Soulrest is good, that card has been borderline broken since the beginning of the game. Royal Sage however doesn’t get the credit she deserves. Being a 4/4 is extremely important against cards like Crushing Blow and Ice Storm, and when she triggers there are almost no keywords you’re sad to see get put on your creatures. Drain or Ward on multiple creatures can often be game breaking.

The Supreme Atromancers were in the list to help against slower decks. They provided a late game threat that had to be dealt with as well as some recovery after your opponent has used some kind of AoE to clear your board. They also have the upside of letting you deal damage to your opponent on their turn off of your Prophecy creatures.


CVH’s Prophecy Assassin

The general strategy for the deck is to just be aggressive. You don’t want to trade too much unless necessary against certain threatening creatures or Guards, and ideally you want to get into a racing situation so your runes can pop and get you potential Prophecies to push for lethal. A good amount of the time this can equate to you and your opponent each taking a lane and trading blows which this deck is well-equipped to take advantage of.

Moving forward, I would definitely recommend this deck  if you’re playing against a lot of aggressive strategies. However, if things are slow and your opponents are playing a lot of Control decks, even though this list does make those matchups much more winnable, another deck would probably be better. In an aggressive metagame though, this deck definitely shines, and CVH took advantage of that by piloting a slightly altered version with Dark Rift to Legend on a 19-4 record early this month which you can see here.

Thanks for reading if you made it this far, I hope you enjoyed. I had a blast with this deck on Legend ladder and ended up reaching some pretty high ranks before I tried other decks and lost my rank. Feel free to give the deck a go as you climb the ladder to Legend this season, and until next time, may all your runes be Prophecies!

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2 Comments on Deck Feature: Prophecy Assassin with BadW0lfGaming

  1. #peak 14 aka finished 83rd


  2. Nice write up. How does this fare against Red/Blue aggro. I’m 0-2 against that archetype at the moment. They have been able to out-race me pretty easily both games. Is this just a tough match up, bad luck on draws, or do I need to learn to play?


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