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CVH is an avid player and streamer of TES: Legends and the owner of Between The Lanes. With competitive experience in many card games since the age of 11, most notably Kaijudo and Hearthstone, card games and creating content for them are longtime passions. In TESL, he has fourteen top 100 legend finishes and can be found regularly on Twitch and YouTube.

3 Comments on Deck Tech: CVH’s Tempo Battlemage

  1. nice video ty.

    wish you can use legend-decks.. (for price check etc :D)


  2. Hi cvh, rly nice deck. It’s not just strong but also fun to play. I didn’t have the Volendrung and i missed 1 Blood Dragon and i chanced them with 2 Sentinal Battlemaces. They (very rarely) work with Breton and Daggerfall but won me a few games already. Keep up the good work, nice tech!


    • No problem, glad you’re enjoying the deck. I’m experimenting with a slightly different version now, too, the deck is a lot of fun. Thanks for checking out the site!


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